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Welcome to the

new era of chefs

When You
Look Good —
You Cook Good

With every emerging generation, we are awarded new talents, skills, techniques, styles, and creativity. Each new era of chefs brings fresh and unexpected pairings that redefine the industry and show us that anyone can be a cook. Chef II Impress was born out of a desire to unite people through the shared language of cooking, giving everyone, from fearless home cooks to unwavering executive chefs, the confidence and functionality needed to perform and execute at the highest level — and teach the game to the next era of chefs.

Blend In
The kitchen is a place to stand out — not blend in with everybody else. At Chef II Impress, we challenge standard kitchen uniforms with apparel that expresses a chef’s creativity and individuality. Our kitchen apparel features unique, bold designs that celebrate the kitchen as a place of pride and self-expression — because when we feel confident in ourselves, we are empowered to create something legendary.

in the Kitchen

What we wear in the kitchen should inspire and empower us. With the right tools, we are unstoppable. No matter your skill level, we believe the right gear gives you the confidence to take on any challenge in the kitchen. Whether you’re an executive chef, line cook, pastry chef, baker, BBQ pitmaster, or simply the best cook in the family, we bring the spice to your kitchen apparel — so you can bring the flavor.

Meet Chef
Rock Alan

Rock Alan, our creator and founder, had a global vision when Chef II Impress was established in 2013. He set out to create bold and trendsetting kitchen apparel for everyone who loves to cook — from experienced chefs to home cooks just starting out in the kitchen. Designing and running his own operations, Chef Rock quickly made a name for himself in both the culinary and fashion industries in Louisville, Kentucky, expanding his operations to outfit chefs across the country. His kitchen apparel has been featured on the Food Network and many local publications.

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